SecureVend™ Hosting

ReachWorks SecureVend™ encourages storing your products on a private sim that most avatars can’t get to, and delivering them to buyers from networked servers. The idea behind this is simple – if a thief can’t get to your objects, your objects can’t be copied by them – not easily anyway. With the advent of advanced copying tools in Second Life® that can not only copy rezzed content, but even objects inside prims, keeping your content in a remote, safe location offers the best protection for your valuable creations.

Secure Storage

If you don’t have access to a private sim, storage space on one of our secure class5 private sims is available to every Premium and Enterprise level SecureVend™ customer at no extra cost. Our SecureVend™ Hosting service includes the following features:

  • Your own private skybox to store SecureVend™ servers (and even your SL Marketplace Magic Box!)
  • Sim access restricted to other SecureVend™ customers that have payment on file with Linden Lab, are age verified, and which have been screened as being legitimate content creators by our staff.
  • Backed by the strength and reputation of our parent company, Reach Isles, a large, established virtual land estate with a financial investment of over US$ 250,000 per year in the Second Life® economy.

If you are a SecureVend™ customer and would like to get setup with hosting, please contact us!

More Information

  • The SecureVend™ FAQ contains frequently asked questions and answers about both SecureVend™ and SecureVend™ Hosting.