SecureVend Hosting

SecureVend™ Hosting for Premium/Enterprise only

So that we can continue to break even on tier for the SecureVend™ Hosting sims, we’re restricting hosting to the Premium and Enterprise packages only. Note that this change is for new customers only – if you’re already hosting with your Basic package you can continue to do so.


SecureVend, SecureVend Hosting

FAQ and Quickstart Guide available

We’ve finally added some documentation – a SecureVend™ FAQ and a SecureVend™ Quickstart Guide. The FAQ covers some general questions about SecureVend™ and SecureVend™ Hosting while the Quickstart Guide is to help new users with their install. In time a more comphrensive manual will be available, but we hope for now these documents will help.

SecureVend Hosting

SecureVend™ Hosting service is launched

We’re proud to now offer our SecureVend™ Hosting service at no extra charge to all ReachWorks SecureVend™ customers. This allows you to store your SecureVend™ servers on one of our private, class5 sims (along with your Xstreet SL magic box if you like). This keeps your valuable content in a safe location that the general public cannot get to, so that it can’t be mass copied by thieves.

Note, this is an optional service; ReachWorks SecureVend™ does not require your servers to be hosted with us. But for merchants who do not have their own closed access, free floating sim to use, we hope this will be of great benefit.