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Introducing, as in you – your products, your data. This is our new easy to remember customer portal website where ReachWorks customers can log in to view and manage all their products. Access to is included for all ReachWorks customers at no additional cost. While the portal is still being actively extended, it is ready for initial use. You can get your Username and Password by touching the terminal located here.

SecureVend @

Our first focus for the portal is SecureVend, to give customers a powerful new way to follow and analyze their sales history. Inside the portal you’ll find a clean, clear, and blazingly fast view of all your sales transactions, with some great features like a quick search box at the top (ala gmail) and column sort. Sidebar filters allow further refinement, grouping the results by day/week/month, server number, or sales location.

Which of your locations are selling well and which aren’t? How do this month’s sales compare to past months? How much have you made from a particular item or group of items? Which items has Jane Doe bought? Did a particular event impact sales or not? All these questions and more can be answered with the current, and over time we will continue to add more views that help you better understand your sales history, like charts and graphs that visually show rankings and trends. We hope you enjoy!

Example Screenshots

A view of your current SecureVend servers. If you are a Hosting customer, you’ll also have a view showing where your skybox is in case you forget. SecureVend Servers
The default sales view, with results sorted by most recent sale. Touch the top of any column to change the results display or to toggle ascending vs. descending sort. Securevend AlaMood sales
A view showing sales matching the search term winter scarf, for today only, across all locations. Also note the convenient L$ summary at the bottom of every view. Securevend AlaMood sales
A sales view demonstrating two concepts: 1) search for kate returns matching results from any column, and is case-insensitive and 2) ability to delete sales by checkbox select. Securevend AlaMood sales
Filters are “sticky” and can be layered to really drill down what you are looking for. This view shows two filters applied: sales in the past week only, and only from the Einstein location. Securevend AlaMood sales


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