New Pricing Policy

We’ve figured out a pricing policy finally, which we feel will be enough to cover basic expenses (like tier on the SecureVend™ Hosting sims) while still being very reasonable given what we feel is a stellar product. There won’t be any retroactive charges, so those of you who got the system for free will not be charged now or in the future.

See our How to Buy page for more on purchasing SecureVend™ and a link to our new store.

For those of you who noticed the bit about the Web Portal, yes, it’s being worked on currently. Expect an announcement about that soon!


2 Responses to “New Pricing Policy”

  1. Dream Resistance says:

    Given that several other popular vending systems that I know of charge significantly more for a laggier product and does not include hosting, this is a pretty phenomenal pricing plan.

  2. Khea Karas says:

    Insanely reasonable prices for a product that not only does far more than other vendor systems, but also helps to prevent content theft. I would pay 5 times this, for the peace of mind in knowing my products are safer.

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