(Pay) v1.8 adds spacing fix

Whitespace in coding terms is extra spacing around strings, such as the names you give your prims. They can cause issues sometimes because computers don’t overlook spacing the way we do.

It seems that, when you drop your boxed items inside a prim (like a SecureVend™ server), the SL system tries to be helpful and removes this whitespace. Try it if you’re curious – try to add some spaces to the beginning or end of the Name field – you’ll see them removed. Anyway… this behavior isn’t the same for REZZED prims – SL will happily let you add spaces wherever you want. This discrepancy meant that your vendor prims wouldn’t match up with their corresponding server items if they had whitespace around their names. In (Pay) v1.8 I’ve fixed this by stripping the trailing and leading whitespace before comparisons are made.

So if you’re having problems matching vendor prims to items in your servers, this is something to check this is a good practice anyway). And if you’d like the new release, just let ReachWorks Engineer know.


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