(Pay) v1.6 released

In (Pay) v1.6, I’ve added support for two new keywords read from the object’s Description field — [NG] and [NR] — The first disables the “Gift” option in the pie menu, while the second inhibits mention of “Redelivery” in messages to buyers. With both keywords present, both Gift and Redelivery are removed. These keywords are case sensitive, but can be in any position within the Description field, mixed in with other text, etc.

[NG] [NR]

This addition is meant to better support use of SecureVend™ for products sold with transfer permissions, the logic being that “Redelivery” isn’t relevant, and the Gift option isn’t necessary. Nonetheless these 2 keywords can be mixed and matched to suit your particular needs.

Remember, anytime you change the Description field, make sure to reset the scripts in the prim (Edit it then from the Viewer menu, Tools >> Reset Scripts in Selection) so it can be re-read.


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