About Us

ReachWorks provides advanced software and services aimed at increasing the safety and productivity of Second Life® content creators. Our first offering is ReachWorks SecureVend™ an efficient networked vending solution that along with our SecureVend™ Hosting service, allows merchants to sell their products with a greatly decreased risk of content theft. Future products, like SecureVend™, will focus on important needs in Second Life® that we feel are not adequately addressed by existing products.

Who We Are

ReachWorks is a subsidiary of Reach Isles, a metaverse company with a financial investment of over US$ 250,000 per year in the Second Life® economy. We believe that unique, creative content is the fabric and lifeblood of Second Life® and that our success depends greatly upon its preservation.

ReachWorks founder and lead developer is Reacher Rau, who brings over 15 years of commercial and scientific software development experience into Second Life® where he now works full-time. Prior to founding Reach Isles (and now ReachWorks), Reacher spent 7 years on the technical staff (in Computer Science) at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Reacher has also contributed extensively to the Open Source software movement over the past decade and a half as part of numerous projects, including as a “core” member on major products such as XEmacs and TMDA.

The only avatars associated with ReachWorks currently are Reacher Rau and ReachWorks Engineer. No one else should contact you on our behalf.