ReachWorks SecureVend™ is a custom-built product vending system designed with the ongoing problem of Second Life® content theft in mind. It features efficient, low-impact product vending from networked servers, which allow both ease of inventory management, and the increased safety of remote content storage.

Rather than try to be a one size fits all vending system with soaring complexity, SecureVend™ has a smaller feature set with a well understood code base. It also aims to be simple to use, for both merchant and their customers.


  • Low impact: no persistent listeners, sensors, or timers = lower sim lag.
  • Efficient: uses HTTP-in for data exchange, not e-mail polling or xml-rpc, for instant product delivery and no scalability bottlenecks.
  • Scalable: products stored in prim servers located anywhere on the grid – up to 1000 objects per server – up to 38 servers per avatar.
  • Simple: intuitive setup and use, without notecards to edit.
  • Safe: free space on our private sims for those without a secure place to store their servers.
  • Vendor script supports Pay for self-purchase and Gift for direct delivery to another avatar.
  • Optional features: split pay and group discount.
  • One touch Redelivery Terminals offer customers a menu of all past purchases.
  • Lifetime updates, with built in auto-update to easily upgrade the system.
  • A stellar web interface to manage your sales history.


The security of this system rests on the assumption that you can store your servers on a private sim that most avatars can’t get to. The idea behind this is simple – if a thief can’t get to your objects, your objects can’t be copied by them. With the content stored in a remote, safe location, someone intending to copy it would have to buy it from your shop and have it delivered to them first, making it much less likely. They are no longer able to just drop into your shop with an anonymous avatar and mass copy all your content.

As stated above, you can put your servers anywhere on the grid – they don’t have to be on the same sim where your shop is at all. While ReachWorks SecureVend™ works fine with servers stored in a public location too, we highly recommend a private location to keep your content safe. If you don’t have access to a private sim, storage space on one of our private sims is available to every Premium and Enterprise level SecureVend™ customer at no extra cost! For more on that, read about ReachWorks SecureVend™ Hosting.

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